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Offer a complete RV Parts catalog as a plug-in for your website with thousands of products pre-loaded. Personalize the look to match your website and adjust the pricing to be competitive. All orders go directly to the merchant so you have complete control of the transaction and shipment of the order. RV Central Online also offers a Dealer locator that allows the RV Community to find your business with an easy Point & Click map of the United States where your catalog & information about your business and services are located. If you don't have a website, RV Central Online provides store space from our server and provides your business the place on the Web it deserves !
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What is eCart
eCart - your online Store for any business... A catalog of your products with a built in sales clerk to direct customers to your merchandise, transact the sale and even prepare sales reports. All eCart stores are hosted on our secure servers which means secure online access for your customers, so they can shop with confidence. As a merchant, you can easily add and/or change products in seconds. Online tracking reports, site statistics and customer transactions are available 24/7 in your private administration area, which you can access from any computer with an internet connection. Your online Store will eliminate expensive printing costs & access a wider client base!! No special software required- Just an internet browser.
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Import Motors follows the same model as RV Central Online above. Merchants can attach a catalog to their website, or use our solution to offer an online store without the need for your own website! Orders go directly to the merchant for processing. Import Motors also offers a Dealer locator that allows the consumer to find your business with an easy Point & Click map of the United States. With hundreds of products maintained by the Import Motors manufacturers, your web store will always be up-to-date and ahead of the traditional stores.
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Communitymall is a dynamic online store that provides a powerful Internet marketing tool for your business. Inform the public of your next promotional event, add or change products, or add new services with a few clicks of the mouse through our administrative management system. Features such as a dynamic home page, coupon offers to your loyal customers and a complete shopping cart with UPS shipping tables built in, are some of the many tools we provide you to succeed in today's competitive online market. And, all changes and updates occur in "real-time". eStore offers more than web presence, it is the online solution for the business community.
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